Generate life long
passive income
with Snoooz

Join the Snoooz Affiliate Program
and earn up to 50% commission
for every purchase
made by your referrals
as long as they pay.


Generate life long passive income
with Snoooz

Join the Snoooz Affiliate Program
and earn up to 50% commission
for every purchase
made by your referrals as long as they pay.

Snoooz affiliate program

Component 21
High Commission

Get up to 50% for every sale you make when your referrals sign up and pay their invoice. Use the calculator below to estimate your earning potential.

Component 24
Discounted Plans

In addition to offering you a handsome commission, we will also offer your users an exclusive 20% discount on any Snoooz plan for up to 12 months.

Component 31
Onboarding Support

We are also happy to provide you with a complimentary training session so you can understand how to position Snoooz for your audience, and start generating your passive income.

Commission Calculator


Snoooz affiliate program

More powerful than using Gmail alone.

Integrations with your email and calendar.

Direct integration with Google Workspace means your out-of-office workflow just became way simpler.

Loaded with features.

Ooomaker is loaded with over 25 features that you won’t find in Gmail and Google Calendar.

What is Snoooz?

Snoooz is an advanced Out-of-Office assistant that can auto answer, categorize, and triage your emails so you can focus on what's important to you. Whether you are out sick, on vacation, busy with meetings, or traveling for work, simply turn on the Snoooz autoresponder, and let it handle your emails for you.

Snoooz has been voted the top product of the day on Product Hunt and won the Startup of the Year 2023 award from Hackernoon. It is also loved by users in 50+ countries, making it the #1 tool on G2 with a rating of 4.8 out of 5.

When can someone use Snoooz?

You can use Snoooz when you are:
  • Traveling for work or personal reasons.
  • Feeling unwell or sick.
  • Needing focused time to disconnect.
  • Busy with back-to-back meetings.
  • Attending industry conferences, trade shows, workshops, or training sessions.
  • Commuting to work.
  • Dealing with an emergency situation.
  • Weekends or after office hours.
In short, you can use Snoooz whenever you want it to automatically answer, categorize, and triage your emails for you.

What is the target audience for Snoooz?

Solopreneurs or small agencies managing multiple clients, including but not limited to Consultants, Freelancers, Startup founders, Web/ UI designers, Artists, Accountants, Headhunters, Realtors, Mortgage Agents, Event organizers etc

Customer-facing staff working for mid-sized and enterprise companies such as Sales professionals (SDRs/BDRs/AEs), Account Managers, Customer Success Managers, Events & Community Managers etc

How do I get started?

We use a third-party affiliate tracking software (Trackdesk) for commission calculations. To begin, you'll need to sign up here to generate your affiliate links and track your conversions. 

If you need a demo of Snoooz, or have any questions, feel free to email us at or book a complimentary session using this link.

How are commissions calculated?

When someone uses your affiliate link to sign up on our website, we capture your affiliate ID from the cookie generated by Trackdesk on the user’s browser and associate it with the user’s profile.

Whether they make a purchase immediately or in the future, you will receive a commission once they make a payment. The commission would be calculated based on the paid amount after deducting any discounts and bank transfer charges.

The commissions will be generated for each paid invoice, and automatically reflected in your trackdesk dashboard.

When will I get paid?

Commissions will be disbursed by the 15th of every month.

I have questions or suggestions about your affiliate program.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at

Your feedback is invaluable in helping us enhance our affiliate program for you.

Start making money now.