Create an OOO experience your customers will love.

Build an automated and standardized out-of-office process so that your team can take their well earned time off, all while having the confidence that your customers will be taken care of.


Create an
OOO experience
your customers
will love.

A standardized and automated out-of-office process means your team gets to take their well deserved time off — and you don't have to worry about your customers suffering for it.

Customer Success Hero (1)-1

Component 59
Improve Net Revenue Retention

Improve customer satisfaction scores by personalizing the responses for High touch customers and copying relevant teams to address customer's pressing needs.

Component 58
Improve Time-To-Value

Reduce your team's time spent on manual, out-of-office related tasks and increase time spent helping customers with powerful automations.

Component 57
Reduce Churn

Prevent revenue churn and contraction, and reduce onboarding delays when your team is out-of-office with sophisticated backup queues and coverage plans.


Personalization Large Below the Fold  (6) (1)

Personalize your OOO message to improve customer experience.

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Dynamic Autoresponders

No more generic email autoresponders — offer an automated OOO response that’s individually personalized to each and every one of your customers.

  Improve NPS scores
  Increase customer satisfaction
  Gain more positive reviews

Rules - Solutions (1)

Automations that increase time spent helping customers.

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Segment and distribute your team's incoming emails by customer, by issue, by keyword, or even by sentiment so that your team can respond quickly and accordingly.

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Your customers hate having to copy and paste backup info into a new email right after emailing their success representative. Solve this issue by having Snoooz copy backups directly on every inbound message.

  Improve first contact resolution rate
  Improve time spent helping customers

Rules - Solutions (1)
Sentiment Detection - Solutions (1)
Sentiment Detection - Solutions (1)

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Sentiment Detection

By using AI or keyword based targeting you’ll be able to predict and prevent churn by routing incoming emails to different backup queues based on email sentiment (positive or negative) or if the email contains certain keywords like “cancel”, “frustrated”, “issue”, or “problem”.

  Prevent customer churn
  Improve customer retention rate
  Increase customer lifetime value

Queues & Plans - Customer Success (1)

Coverage that prevents revenue contraction or downgrades.

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Backup Queues

Assign each of your team members one of their colleagues as a backup to incoming emails. Workloads will be distributed fairly via round robin.

  Increase % of customers followed up with
  Prevent contraction and downgrades

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Coverage Plans

Your success agents will be able to create plans with detailed notes and actions items specific to their own customers. These plans are shared with backups when someone goes OOO.

  Reduce onboarding delays
  Improve customer renewal rate
  Boost net revenue retention

Queues & Plans - Customer Success (1)
Employee Management (3) (1)
Employee Management (3) (1)

Management tools that improve your team's work/life balance.

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OOO Tools for People Managers

Manage your entire team with ease when they go OOO. Allow them to fully experience the benefits of paid time off all while knowing your customers will be well taken care of by your automated out-of-office workflow.

  Prevent burnout
  Boost employee performance
  Reduce turnover

More powerful than
using Gmail alone.

Integrations with your email and calendar.

Direct integration with Google Workspace allows for a simpler and more streamlined out-of-office workflow.

Loaded with features.

Snoooz is loaded with over 30 features that you won’t find in Gmail or Google Calendar.

More Powerful than Gmail - Customer Success (2) (1)

More powerful than using Gmail alone.

Integrations with your email and calendar.

Direct integration with Google Workspace means your out-of-office workflow just became way simpler.

Loaded with features.

Ooomaker is loaded with over 25 features that you won’t find in Gmail and Google Calendar.

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