Save time and
increase productivity.

Increase time spent selling to leads and time spent helping customers by automating your out-of-office workflow.


Save time and
increase productivity.

Increase time spent selling to leads and time spent helping customers by automating your out-of-office workflow.

Automation Hero (1)


Rules - Automations V2 (1) (1)

Improve first contact resolution rate.

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Use rules to segment your teams incoming emails by customer or lead, by issue, or even by email sentiment so you can respond appropriately, route to the correct backup, and ultimately reduce the time your team spends following up on emails and drafting OOO templates.

Sentiment Detection - Automations (2) (1)

Prevent customer churn and dropped leads.

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Sentiment Detection

Snoooz detects the sentiment of each email and can loop in relevant team members if and when necessary. This way you can prevent customer churn, downgrades, and dropped leads.

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Language Detection

If your business functions in multiple languages, you'll be able to create different rules around the language of the incoming email, like routing to multi-lingual or language specific backup queue.

Sentiment Detection - Automations (2) (1)
Auto-Forwarding (3) (2)

Improve response time and customer experience.

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With backups automatically copied on messages, you can be sure your customer success and sales reps are getting back to inbound emails as soon as possible and maximizing the amount of scheduled meetings or resolutions.

Auto-Ignore (1)

Increase time spent helping customers.

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Your team members don't need people spamming them or their back ups while they're out of office. If Snoooz detects that the email is form a mailing list, the email autoresponder will not be sent, avoiding scenarios where time is wasted on non-critical interactions.

Block Off Calendar (1) (1)

Prevent scheduling oopsies.

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Automatic OOO Calendar Events

As soon as you hit “Enable OOO”, you’ll automatically create an out-of-office event in your Google Calendar. This will show others that you're unavailable and will prevent anyone from booking a meeting with you.

Block Off Calendar (1) (1)
Email Signature (2) (1)

Let your customers know of upcoming unavailability.

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Email Signature OOO Alerts

Prevent a disappointing out-of-office experience before it happens by letting your team members add vacation alerts to their email signatures.

Your teams deserves their paid time off — and your customers deserve a proper out-of-office notice.

Experiments (2) (1)

Test all of your automations before going live.

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Test your autoresponder templates, rules, and backup queues against an incoming email to see if your out-of-office workflow generates your desired outcomes.

Experiments (2) (1)

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